Visual Storytelling

The art of visual hard.  It's also so freeing!  I went to my friend Erin's house this morning and documented a couple of hours of her day.  We went from room to room, and her son Truett played and told me many things.  He also showed me all the cameras he owns.  He owns a lot, because he considers anything to be a camera.  His sister CeCe says "yeah" to everything. What I really wanted to show with these photos is how familiar all our lives are.  I am sure a lot of you moms out there have that coffee cup nearby.  I'm sure there are moments of taking a deep breath, looking at the next thing to do, all the while there is craziness happening around you.  Beautiful craziness.  I'm sure the toys on the floor are also familiar.  It shows life, laughter, and imagination.  If anything, while you are looking through these photos, you may feel a connection to how familiar and normal this is.  But most importantly, this is a story that is worth telling.  And it is sweet and wonderful.