Y'all...these photos.  I wanted to take photos of my friend Rachael, because I wanted to try out some new poses and to try stretching myself creatively.  I've been trying to change how I shoot and to be honest have actually been bored with my photography...or feeling stuck.  I love beautifully posed photography, and beautiful lighting and perfect composition, but I was getting bored with it.  Yes, I do still get super excited when I can take a photo like that, but I wanted more emotion.  I've always been drawn to storytelling photography.  I follow a couple of photographer blogs that do that kind of style and I can find myself looking through their blogs for hours.  Sometimes I have even cried.  This month I am actually taking a visual storytelling class through The Define School.  We are in week one and I have already learned so much about myself and trying to figure out what I'm passionate about and what my vision is for my photography.  Our homework is to send in a photo that will represent our vision, and that's where these photos come in.  The first few photos were some of the new poses I wanted to try and Rachael did AWESOME!!!  She told me she would be awkward...uh...whatever.  So yes, I like them they are great, she looks beautiful, but I was getting bored.  So we followed the sun...and I got creative...y'all, I was scared!  I was really scared to step out of my comfortable box and try something new!  I know for some people looking at these photos you won't understand...and that's okay, but the last few photos of Rachael being Rachael are perfect to me!  She's laughing and being real and not really caring what she looked like in that moment and we had fun! Soo...what does that mean for Jane Howard Photography?  I'm not sure yet, but I am super excited and I can't wait to see what this looks like in the next couple of months!