A look back...

I had grand plans of posting this on January 1st.


Like always, I would rather the pictures speak louder than my words, so I will keep this short.  Last year taught me a lot.  I officially started my business in January, and I took Molly Flanagan's storytelling class through The Define School (It was amazing!!!!).  In short, that class profoundly influenced my shooting style and helped to clarify my passion for photography.  I also second shot a lot of weddings, and I ended my year as the main photographer for a friend's wedding. 

I also learned how much I LOVE telling family stories.  It was always so hard to put my camera away at the end of a shoot because there was still so much story to tell.  It has become such a sweet blessing in my life to have people trust me to capture the real, raw, mundane, beautiful moments of their family's life.  So thank you to all the families that have allowed me to pursue this passion of sharing YOUR unique story.  It has been such a joy! 

I hope you all enjoy my personal 15 favorite photos from 2015, and I look forward to photographing many more of you in 2016!