A little bit more personal...

Let me share something that's a little scary for me.  And then share something I'm really passionate about. 

Sometimes being a photographer is hard and terrifying.  There are so many talented photographers in this area.  So many that are leaps and bounds more knowledgeable and more talented than me.  There are insecurities in this type of business (well, any business), but in photography, the images we make are an actual extension of our selves.  It's our creative eye that is being translated into that image, kinda like wearing our hearts on our sleeves.  It's scary.  It's beautiful.  It's exhausting.  Sometimes our clients might not like what we shoot.  Sometimes it's hard to find your own voice in the midst of some crazy talented, wonderful artists.  Sometimes you just want to crawl into a hole and stay there.  But then sometimes you voice this out loud to your fellow photographers, and they say the exact same thing.  (Ahhh...the beauty of community!) 

Last year I experienced so much growth.  I am beyond blessed to have those amazing photographers in my life who tell me I am a photographer, and who push me to try harder, to learn more, and to not back down on what I believe in.  This community of photographers is amazing. 

So, here comes the passionate part...

I'm passionate about storytelling.  Let me clarify what I mean by that.  Every single photographer is a storyteller.  It's what we do.  When we pick up our camera we are trying to capture the essence of who you are.  Some of us pose, some of us (like me) don't, but either way, the photographs we take of your family are important.  I LOVE spending a few hours with your family as you do normal family things. 

Capturing the important moments of two people building their lives together.
Capturing the moment when your baby wakes up from a nap with bed head. 
Capturing the moment when milk is spilled all over the floor and the dog runs in to drink it up. 
Capturing the moment when you realize it's only you raising your children and the heartache is hard, but there is so much beauty still surrounding you. 
Capturing that sweet moment between you and your spouse as you look around at your life and know you are blessed. 

The blessing these moments have brought to my life actually bring me to tears.  (Seriously...I'm crying right now!!)  Being invited into your homes this past year has made me even more passionate about family, and how important it is that you know and understand that you have a unique story.  How sacred family is...y'all...it's so sacred, and it is to be protected and documented for your future generations. 

The vision for my photography is this: I want to tell your story.  I find joy in capturing moments that are a reminder that life is lived in the normal and mundane, and it is beautiful.  My desire is for you to look at your images, to draw closer to each other, and to be reminded that your story is worth telling.  I want my images to draw you closer to each other, because I believe they can. 

In the next couple of days and weeks you will see a lot more of my photography on social media.  I will be sharing some of my photos from previous family sessions and shamelessly sharing what these families have said about their sessions.  Honestly, I'd love for every family in the world to invite me into their homes!  I know that's probably not going to happen, because you might not want pictures of dirty dishes in your sink or spilled milk...and that's okay!  But if my photography speaks to you, if it evokes some kind of emotion in you, then I'd love to talk to you about telling your story.  Too, you don't have to have kids or a dog to have a story worth telling.  Whether in good times or bad, I would be honored if you'd invite me into your world to help you see and remember and celebrate your story.  That is why I shoot this way.  Because every time I see a photo from my favorite documentary style photographers, it evokes some kind of emotion in me that reminds me how precious these stories are (It's usually the ugly cry!).

Lastly, thank you to all the families that have allowed me into your homes.  Thank you for sharing your stories.  It truly has been a joy for me!  (Here come the tears again...)

Thanks for reading,