Reeves/Magic of Light

For the past 4 years I’ve tried to get into a specific class called The Magic of Light. The class is taught by Summer Murdock who is amazing with light…she’s a master with it. After trying for so long I gave up for a little while and this spring felt like I should try again. Instead of going for a normal active seat (which means she critiques your work and other things, also means those seats sell out in less than 30 second. Not. Even. Kidding.) I decided to go for a silent seat. Silent seat means she didn’t critique my work, but she could still see it and would answer any questions that we had. Oh, and this class is online. Well, I got in. I felt like I had won the lottery! I have taken multiple online classes through the years and they have all been amazing. I’ve been blessed, but this one was by far my favorite. Maybe because it was all about light and I’ve always been drawn to light. I think it’s amazing how light can make something look different, I feel like it’s God always painting through out the day. Just delighting in the light he creates and how it can make things look different at different times of the day. It’s a reminder of how creative He is and that I honestly believe it also shows how fun He can be. Anyways, I asked a lot of families to be my models. Soo…the next few sessions I will be showing you my homework from that class. First up are Israel and Hannah Reeves…they’ve been married for 6 months. It was so fun to shoot a newly married couple in the prettiest light asking them to do many silly things…oh and we all got poison ivy from this shoot. Whoops.

Here’s a list of all the amazing photographers that I’ve taken classes from in case you’re interested.

The Define School classes

Molly Flanagan

Zalmy Berkowitz

Sharon McKeeman

Illuminate Classes

Jennifer Tonetti Spellman