Grandparent Session

Some of my earliest memories are of my grandpa and him taking me to the park, playing checkers with me and feeding ducks.  He also is responsible for my love of Tom Selleck because he would always let me watch Magnum P.I. on Friday afternoons with him.  He was British (I'm first generation American...little fun fact about me.) and small and funny and loved a good beer and loved his wife dearly.  He was a good grandpa and he loved me well. 

This session is celebrating those little things about grandparents.  It's making the recipe of popovers that are made every single Christmas Eve.  It's planting a garden and reaping the benefits.  It's knowing where the candy drawer is.  It's asking to watch a TV show that your parents will not let you watch, but you still grow up fine and it becomes a sweet memory.  This session is special because it's my nieces and nephew and their grandparents, Pete and Jackie.  Enjoy this session and remember those memories of your own grandparents.