Elizabeth and Grayson

I don't want to use many words for this session because its so sweet, but I do have to explain what is happening. 

Elizabeth and her youngest son, Grayson, had a weekly morning ritual.  After dropping older brother off at school these two would go to Starbucks for a few minutes before Grayson had to be dropped off for preschool. 

Elizabeth would order her coffee, which was a soy vanilla latte. (right?)   Grayson would have his chocolate cake pop and play with his super hero figures and read a book. 

They would then load up and drive to school. 

They raced each other to the door.  Every. Single. Morning.  Y'all, that is pretty sweet.  Grayson would always win.  ;) 

Once Grayson was dropped off in class they would blow kisses to each other and then he would run to the window and wave bye and then run back out and give Elizabeth a hug and more kisses. 

Every morning they would do this.  Grayson is entering kindergarten this coming year, so the morning that I photographed these sweet moments was one of the last days they would be doing this. 

This is why documentary photography is so important.  Capturing these sweet moments of a tradition that is done and when it comes to an end you still have still have the memories captured for you.  Contact me today for a session! 

Enjoy these photos.  Thank you Elizabeth for letting me come along on one of your mornings.