Waffle House Session

This session with the Hesters is sweet for a number of reasons.  Waffle House is Jude's favorite place.  The employees know his name, they know his obsession with apple juice and other little things that make Jude, Jude.  (Like his love for dumpsters, firetrucks, police cars...and apple juice--seriously this kid loves him some apple juice.)  Jude is going to be a big brother soon, and they are moving into a new home.  There are a lot of upcoming changes, and I wanted to capture what their lives look like before they happen.  Waffle House was the perfect place to remind them of their lives in this season.  I wanted to photograph something that has been a normal thing for them for so long, but will now look different.  Some things will remain the same, like Jude's obsession with apple juice and dumpsters, but soon there will be a different Waffle House, and another little Hester, and a different house.  Enjoy this little session of the Hesters'.