Wood Family Session

Oh man, these friends.  Brent, Amanda and I met sixteen years ago at a summer camp as summer staffers.  Amanda and I worked three summers together; One of those summers Brent was our boss.  I was a bridesmaid in their wedding, Amanda and I ran a half marathon together, their kids call me "Aunt Jane" and Walter, "hottie".  (I honestly can't remember why they call him that.)

I love this family.  I love that they are a constant in my life,  I love that Walter and I can call them anytime in any situation and they will come to our side.  I love that through these photos I can see the essence of who they are.  Amanda's laugh, Brent's stank face, Mattie and her silliness and being just like her mom, Sly and that mischievous grin.  Enjoy this session and this family.