This is not good-bye

Yesterday I said, "See you later!" to friends that are moving back to Michigan.  John and Lynne have been a part of my community since 2009.  Our group has been through a lot in all those years:  babies, miscarriages, jobs, girlfriends, boyfriends, weddings, etc.  There has also been a lot of laughter, karaoke, game nights, birthday parties, New Years Eve parties, etc.  We have celebrated well, and at other times, we have barely made it through the punches that life has thrown at us.  But one thing has remained constant, and that is John and Lynne.  They have always been the voice of reason, and been the two people who have listened and spoken truth in a very clear and assertive way.  Even though this feels like a chapter of all of our lives is closing, there is another chapter opening, and it's exciting to see what happens next.  To John and Lynne, you will be missed greatly.  You have been a sweet part of so many people's lives, and we all love you dearly.  Take care of each other and that sweet Freddie B.  See you later!!