Sloan Graham

I'm so excited to share this session with you all!!  I've been wanting to shoot a birth for a while now.   I was so excited when Bree asked if I would be willing to shoot this birth.  This ended up being a hard pregnancy for Bree, baby Sloan couldn't make up his mind when he wanted to come.  They made it to 36 weeks and I would get a weekly text from Bree keeping me updated.  Finally on a Tuesday while I was at small group a got THE text from Bree.  It's funny, since we had reached 36 weeks I had my camera with me everywhere I went, just in case...except that evening.  Rushed home and then rushed to the hospital, and Tyler met me in the waiting room.  There were so many funny moments and sweet moments and the fact that it wasn't as crazy as I thought it might be.  It was pretty amazing!  Enough of my words and onto these photos that are so sweet!  Thank you Bree and Tyler, love you!