Fuller Family

(WAIT!  Before you go any further, see that little play button that I figured out how to embed in this here blog post?  Push that guy, and then keep reading, please.)

These precious people are the Fuller family:  Stuart, Greta, Ella, and Macy.  And they are special.  And not just because they are my friends, and not just because Stuart officiated my wedding, and not just because they are funny and cool to be around.  It's because they are an everyday  example of our Father's sweet love for us.  I have seen them fight for the people they love.  I have seen them hurt for the people they love.  And I see God's love as they are family to a sweet foster baby who needs to be loved.  I see them sit around their dinner table and talk about the highs and lows of their day.  I see Ella becoming more and more like Greta, and Macy becoming more and more like Stuart (even down to her hatred of avocados).  They are a wonderful family and a reminder of what a Good Father we have.


"You're a Good Good Father.  It's who you are.  And I'm loved by you.  It's who I am."