Kyker Family Storytelling Session

It's humbling when a fellow photographer asks you to take photos of their family.  I was nervous pulling into their driveway.  Actually I pulled into their driveway and said "wow. WOOOW!!"  I walked in the door and the youngest, Eli, took me by the hand and led me upstairs to show me his favorite things. (that was the first time Eli had met me.)  That sweet gesture made all my fears and nerves go away and it reminded me once again of why I love documenting a family in their home.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse of Jimmy and Judy Kay's life and their six children Travis, Sam, Caroline, Ben, Jack and Eli.  Thank you Judy Kay for allowing me to come into your beautiful home to capture your sweet sweet family.  AND...thank you for not thinking I was creepy when I told you I was going to take up residence in your kitchen...because it's perrrrfect.