The Unspoken Perspectives Project

“A picture is a poem without words.” -Horace

The Unspoken Perspectives Project was created to build community with other artists to showcase how each of us views the world through our camera lens, even though we all have our own perspectives and styles.  As photographers, we choose to express our art through photographs, using our camera as our voice. Make sure you check out all photographers and their images from the week! 


Jane Howard: Jane Howard Photography @janehphoto

Meg Pitts:  Meg Pitts Photography   @megpittsphotography

Shannon Svensrud: Storied Life Pictures @storiedlifepictures 

Jon Stegenga: Jon Stegenga Film & Photography @jonstegengamedia

Kim DeLoach: Kim DeLoach Photography @kimdphoto

Judy Kay Kyker: @jkkyker

Gwen Manten: @gwenmanten

To join in the community, follow along @theunspokenperspectivesproject with our prompts and post your images on Instagram with #theunspokenperspectiveproject to be featured in our Instagram account!


June 5th prompt: "From your car"

June 19th prompt: "Reflections"